Reaching Remote Populations Through Community Dialogues

Reaching Remote Communities Through Community Dialogues

Meet Ismaila Ibrahim Edego, an immunization expert who specializes in vaccine campaigns that reach underserved communities across Kaduna State, Nigeria. Edego joins the Boost Sparks series to discuss some of his experiences conducting community sensitization sessions, including consistent challenges that arise through these dialogues. Keep listening to learn how Edego applies his skills to improve service delivery, vaccine acceptance and trust between remote communities and the local government.

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The best way to get to the root of problems involve face-to-face meeting with the people, to get first hand information, even if just to cross reference available data. You need to put yourself in their position to explain why they need to adjust for the benefit of good health. This, I believe, is the right approach to solving pressing issues, especially vaccine hesitancy.

Ismaila Ibrahim Edego, Local Government Area (LGA) Management Support Team, Nigeria
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