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Sparks is a spotlight series from the Boost Community that surfaces elements of real-time immunization activities or programs that demonstrate innovation or adaptability. They focus on unique or impactful solutions during pivotal moments that result in the increase of equitable vaccine access and demand in communities all over the world.


A Spark can include, but is not limited to:


The successful rollout of a tool

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Notable work from a specific immunization professional


A key lesson learned (success or failure) from an immunization activity

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An adaptive approach to overcoming a challenge


The development of an impactful partnership

Sparks will take the form of a short publication, video or audio clip that will be shared through the Bright Spots microsite. By disseminating these insights widely, we will foster a space for collaboration and learning that focuses on the improvement of immunization efforts everywhere.

Who can submit a Spark?

Any immunization professional or partner can submit a Spark. We are especially interested in Sparks occurring at the sub-national level. Filling out the application can provide additional opportunities for you to share your experiences and insights during live engagements (e.g. COVID-19 Listening & Learning Series). If you have any additional questions, please email

The Opportunity

If your Spark is selected, it will be showcased and shared within the Boost community – a global network of nearly 1,500 immunization professionals. Additionally, your work will be further elevated to a global audience through podcasts, article features and live engagements on the Boost platform.

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Storytelling to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy
Musa Joshua Aboi

Storytelling to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

This Spark highlights the work Musa Joshua Aboi, a field monitor at the sub-national level working with an international global health non-profit organization to supervise 52 health facilities across Kaduna State, Nigeria. More specifically, Musa shares his experience addressing vaccine acceptance among fellow health care workers, including answering difficult questions such as: How do you promote vaccine acceptance among individuals who are trained in administering vaccines?

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World Immunization Week 2021
Martha Ngoe

World Immunization Week 2021

This Spark highlights the work of Martha Ngoe, the Bureau Chief for International Vaccination and Traveling Medicine in Cameroon. In April, Martha assisted in organizing a campaign for World Immunization Week 2021. This year’s theme was “Vaccines Bring Us Closer” - how vaccination can connect us to the people, goals and moments that matter to us most by improving the health of everyone, everywhere throughout their lifetime. Listen along as Martha shares about the power of her community, the importance of advocating for immunization across the life span and some challenges she experienced throughout the campaign.

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Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement
Sohini Sanyal

Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement

This Spark highlights the work of Sohini Sanyal, a learning and capacity building specialist with over 17 experience in instructional design and virtual training. Sohini currently supports the content development and dissemination of Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement, an interactive, virtual tool to improve vaccinator capacity across India. Listen along as she shares about this virtual learning tool, some challenges that she faced and her key lessons learned throughout the project.

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