Team Uganda

EPI LAMP Breakthrough Project

Boost Sparks: EPI LAMP Uganda Breakthrough Project

Meet Lynka Ineza, Program Manager at Yale’s Global Health Leadership Initiative, Rita Atugonza, Senior Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health in Uganda, and John Kissa, Data Manager with the Ministry of Health in Uganda. This stellar team joins this series representing the EPI Leadership and Management Program, also known as EPI LAMP.

Throughout this Spark, the team dives into their breakthrough project, which is at the heart of each EPI LAMP program team. For this breakthrough project, “Team Uganda” used a comparison district to analyze how to improve measles-rubella coverage in Bukomansimbi, one of the lowest covered districts in Uganda. Continue listening to learn more about the EPI LAMP program and hear from the Ugandan team on how they collected data and conducted interviews, amidst COVID-19, to inform their breakthrough project, as well as tap into some of their key lessons learned.

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"...if you have a well-coordinated team, you can come up with solutions that you can then apply in your city. I think the comparison district was very key in illustrating that fact, because we got two districts that were of similar sizes, the same resources, but very different coverage performances. So, it illustrated good leadership as very key when it comes to performance."

Rita Atugonza, Senior Medical Officer, Ministry of Health, Uganda
Yale School of Public Health - Global Health Leadership Initiative

Team Uganda was part of the EPI Leadership and Management Program (EPI LAMP), a flagship investment by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in partnership with the Yale School of Public Health to promote equitable access to leadership and management education.

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